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The only thing you’ve goat to fear, is fear itself.

I Am Lazarus: A Goat Story is an inspiring story of loyalty and friendship that leaves you full of hope and positivity.
—E! News

Farmer Gord is a mean old fellow. And his goats coming in second place at the Windrush County Fair has him feeling like they are good for nothing!

On the way home from the fair, a spunky goat named Lazarus gets thrown off the back of Farmer Gord’s truck. He lands smack-dab in front of a barbershop with a mud-splattered sign that seems to read, “Goat Haircuts!” After a buzz and a style, he’s feeling cool and strutting through town with his new mohawk hairdo. But Lazarus is jolted into action when he discovers that Farmer Gord is about to take his best piglet pals to market for sale!

Lazarus has to act fast and get creative. Will he be able to rescue his piglet pals? And can his herd of goat friends help him escape the wrath of ill-tempered Farmer Gord and save the day?


Does the Queen Fart?

Valentine doesn’t understand why his mum thinks farting is such a big deal, especially when she feeds him healthy fruits and vegetables that make him gassy. After all, everyone farts, don’t they?

One day, Valentine and Mum learn that the Queen is in town—and she’s planning a visit to their home for tea! As they prepare for the royal arrival, the gassy little boy can’t help but let his toots tootle and his poots pass. But when the Queen arrives, he’ll make a startling discovery about his mum and get a resounding answer to a very important question: Does the Queen fart?

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Book Illustrations by Marko Rop

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