Does the Queen Fart? is HILARIOUS!”

—Heather Hartt-Sussman, author of the Noni series



“This book is full of beans! Kids will laugh their butts off.”

—Kevin Sylvester, award-winning author and illustrator of Splinters



“The best thing I have read on the monarchy, a right rivitin’ read.”

—Paul Smith, former cricketer and author of Wasted



“Heather Gordon has created a hilarious book that kids and parents alike will enjoy. The message that even the grandest amongst us are human (and gass-y) is a great message to share with our kids. And come on, what's funnier than a fart?”

—Ceri Marsh, Co-creator of Sweet Potato Chronicles



“I cannot WAIT to read this to my son. It's hilarious! How could I not love my job!”

—Rebecca Eckler, Executive Editor at SavvyMom